A small fight for Australian films!

A lone “anonymous” person fights for Australian film on this popular torrent site. “Careless Love” is in the top ten downloads! The film has been downloaded approximately 8000 times so maybe a few will like the film and pay.
Sadly the comment appears to have been removed by moderators as it was gone when I returned a second time to the site, which tends to suggest that at least this torrent sites is not really intended to help people pay for the movie… is there not a theory that torrents help market a film?
For those that may want to take look at this Australian film, according to the facebook page, it is now available on DVD for purchase or rental from the following outlets ( I was going to add this to the comments but I think I may have been wasting my time….) :antidotefilms.com.au
Video Ezy
Civic Video
Leading Edge Video

ABC Shops (selected)
JB Hi-fi (selected)


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